Interview: 9 Questions For The Sherlocks

It's no secret that Sheffield is famed for producing high-quality musicians. Maybe it's something in the Yorkshire water, or maybe it's the wide range of venues on offer to up and coming bands with the local support to match. Either way, this ever-expanding music scene shows no signs of halting.

Enter The Sherlocks. This four-piece were only recently signed in December 2016 but have been on the scene for 3 years. They first played Reading and Leeds Festival back in 2015 but will be re-attending this year to take a well-deserved spot further up the bill. Tipped by Radio 6's Steve Lamacq as one to watch, we were keen to find out what these guys are about.

What's the Story?

"We formed when Andy & Josh’s family moved into our little village, 'Bolton-on-Dearne', we bonded over football and then started jamming in our conservatory. Then we thought we’d try our luck playing a few little gigs in the local pubs and things started to get a bit wild."

Which Date on your Tour are you Most Looking Forward to and Why?

"We honestly look forward to every single gig we play! But playing in Sheffield is always very special because its where the buzz really started for us. Every time we come back it hits a new level. We're very thankful for all the support. And of course, being asked to support Kings of Leon in Manchester Arena on the 9th of June Sheffield Arenas on the 10th of June- it’s the stuff of dreams. We're really looking forward to those gigs!"

Can you tell us about your Style On Stage and Off Stage? Do you have any Staple Wardrobe Items?

"When it comes to style we’ve always worn what we want. Leather to denim, we cover the lot! Some of us love boots, some like trainers. We're also pretty into smart-casual wear."

When you're out in Sheffield, what's your Favourite Spot?

"If you’re talking about pubs, Cavendish is always a nice stop off on West Street and Frog Parrot does a tasty pint. Recently, we popped into The Harley on a night out before a gig and ended up having a great game of table football. We loved it, it won’t be the last! There's also a cracking vintage clothes shop called Brag Vintage! There are some gorgeous pieces in there" ;)

Do you remember the first gig you ever played? Can you tell us a bit about it?

Yeah, it was about six and half years ago in a little pub called Sandhill Tavern. We played to about 20 people but we still put on a rock show like we were playing at Wembley stadium!

Do you have any funny tour stories you can tell us?

"On our last tour, we were waiting to go on stage, which meant we had to leave the building and go outside, before re-entering through the stage door. The stage door happened to be a fire exit. We were all standing there, waiting patiently for the call....when we suddenly heard the 'walk-on song' begin! But we were still locked outside the building!" "Also, Andy ate a Yorkshire Tea bag for £4 including the bag! It was a good laugh."

Personally, which are your favourite tracks?

"We all agree that 'Live For The Moment' is our favourite. Offstage, these are our personal favourites from other artists:

  • Andy: Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
  • Josh: Cream - White Room
  • Bran - AKON - Throw Dat D
  • Kieran - Ghostbusters theme tune

Which of you makes the best cuppa?

Andy! That comes as no surprise! It sounds like Andy has a passion for tea.

Finally, what's your favourite thing to do when not performing?

Go to the boozer!

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