Lee was founded in 1889 in Salina, Kansas, USA by Henry David Lee. Starting life as the Lee Mercantile Company and initially producing overalls, dungarees and denim jackets, Lee became one of the USA's leading workwear brands of the early century.

They released their first overall in 1920 as well as the famous Lee Buddy Doll which was initially supposed to be a promotional toy but by 1962 it had become the second biggest selling toy of its time in the United States. In 1926 they were credited with introducing the first ever zip fly jeans called the 101Z but it wasn't until much later that the zip fly was widely accepted as an alternative to the button fly. Not long after in 1928 founder H.D. Lee died of a heart attack.

The 30's and 40's saw Lee overtake its competitors in the work-wear market by offering a superior product and during the 1950's Lee experienced massive worldwide expansion when it made a foray into casual wear as denim became more popular and accepted as everyday wear. This was in part due to its endorsement by stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Bing Crosby, with the latter being famously turned away from a hotel for wearing denim.

The brand has continued to expand throughout the late 21st century and with flagships store across the world continues to be one of the worlds leading denim brands.

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